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Golden hour glow: La Prairie reveals Pure Gold Collection

La Prairie captures the majesty of the Swiss Alps in a bottle, with its latest gold-infused skincare line. To celebrate the occasion, La Prairie has commissioned Hong-Kong based artist Carla Chan to create an artwork that portrays the fleeting beauty of ‘golden hour’ above one of Switzerland’s most breath-taking skylines.

Swiss prestige skincare brand La Prairie has revealed the Pure Gold Collection, which was inspired by ‘golden hour’ (sunset) in the Swiss Alps. The Pure Gold collection features a unique formula that helps to revitalise, replenish and enrich the skin. The line’s key ingredient is gold itself, which absorbs energy-rich blue light and reflects soft yellow light in a tone similar to radiant skin. At a submicron level, gold atoms are attracted to the gold particle’s surface, which allows for the attachment and slow-release of active skincare ingredients. La Prairie’s latest collection features an innovative new three-step ‘Pure Gold Diffusion’ system, which begins with the deposit of gold particles on the skin, followed by an infusion of replenishing active ingredients.

Prairie’s Pure Gold Collection seeks to imitate the ‘golden hour glow’ of the Swiss Alps on the skin

The diffusion is completed with a steady release of active ingredients, attached to submicron gold particles. The ingredients penetrate the skin over time to support long-term skin recon-struction. The collection comprises the Pure Gold Radiance Concentrate, Pure Gold Radiance Cream and Pure Gold Radiance Eye Cream. The Pure Gold Radiance Concentrate smooths and refines skin texture, while the Radiance Cream enhances radiance, glow and deeply hydrates the skin. Finally, the Radiance Eye Cream hydrates and refreshes the delicate eye area.

The Pure Gold Diffusion system creates a slow-release of active ingredients and maximises the skin-enhancing qualities of gold

The multi-sensory Pure Gold Ritual is completed with a delicate signature fragrance that com-plements the experience. The luxurious skincare ritual offers many long-term benefits, creating a youthful glow from within. Prolonged use of the Pure Gold Ritual also protects the skin from environmental damage and delays physiological changes caused by age and stress. The Pure Gold range is packaged in a luxurious brushed metal casing and matching cap. The collection’s glass vials can also be replaced once empty, enhancing the line’s eco-credentials. To celebrate the launch, La Prairie has collaborated with Hong Kong-based artist Carla Chan to reveal a striking time-based video art installation, set against the backdrop of the Swiss Alps’ most breath-taking summits. Carla Chan’s time-based video installation is entitled ‘Space Between the Light Glows’ and aims to immerse audiences in the beauty of golden hour. By combining mixed media and tech-nologies, the installation recreates the landscape variations, rhythm of nature and movement of light in the Swiss Alps.

The installation was the result of a unique artist residency – a first for La Prairie – at the Monte Rosa Hut in Switzerland, where Chan was immersed in the beauty of golden hour. Commenting on her work with La Prairie, Carla Chan said: “Nature was the big inspiration be-hind this piece. The human encounter with raw nature – the stillness, the beauty it imparts – pushed me to reflect on the relationship between nature and the humankind and how we co-habitate together. It was important for me to create an immersive experience conducive to such contemplation.”

“Nature was the big inspiration be-hind this piece”

— Carla Chan

The artwork will be premiered at international contemporary art fair Frieze New York. According to La Prairie, its partnership with Frieze Art Fair is an evolution of a proud patronage of con-temporary art which began in 2017 with the sponsorship of Art Basel and West Bund Art & De-sign fairs. Since its inception La Prairie has maintained the pursuit of what it dubs ‘Timeless Beauty’. That pursuit is based on a mission to preserve and promote culture and science through a singular vision of beauty and, critically, through the prism of Switzerland. That pursuit continues today through its many connections with the world of art, including this project.


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