La Prairie & Fondation Beyeler partnership

Telling the story of art

La Prairie takes an experimental approach to art communication by creating a compelling digital content storytelling in the form of a journal.

Throughout a series of episodes, available exclusively on The Art Journal on – which will detail and document the process of art conservation – various stages of the project will be unveiled, presenting a masterful process normally kept behind the scenes.

As The Art Journal unfolds and comes to life, La Prairie believes that it has an unprecedented opportunity to present the importance of knowledge, skills, science and technology required to conserve artworks of immeasurable value and cultural significance.

“This complex project presents a fascinating voyage into not just the subtle majesty of minimalism, but also the thought processes, practices, and creative rituals of an iconic figure in 20th century art,” the company says.

A deep commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

La Prairie’s tireless pursuit of timeless beauty has inspired the house to support initiatives that strive to preserve and promote culture and science through a singular vision of beauty – through the prism of Switzerland.

With this in mind, the House of La Prairie has articulated a deliberate, meaningful Corporate Social Responsibility strategy honouring three areas of focus: Swissness, Science and Art and Culture, that, combined, speak to the house’s commitment to giving back – purposeful, relevant gestures of support and patronage, from Switzerland to the world.

La Prairie is a leader in luxury skincare, present in 90 countries around the world.

Synonymous not only with luxury, the La Prairie name evokes innovation, performance, high-touch service and Swissness — the purity, precision and excellence inherent to the country that saw the brand’s inception in 1978.

La Prairie endeavours to fulfill a quest for timeless beauty through the highest standards of advanced technology combined with exquisite formulations and elegant packaging — elevating skincare to art.


Spotlight Series • September 2020

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