La Prairie & Fondation Beyeler partnership

Luxury with a higher meaning

La Prairie’s tireless pursuit of timeless beauty has inspired the house to support initiatives that strive to preserve and promote culture and science through a singular vision of beauty – through the prism of Switzerland.

With this in mind, the House of La Prairie has articulated a deliberate, meaningful Corporate Social Responsibility strategy honouring three areas of focus: Swissness, Science and Art and Culture, that, combined, speak to the house’s commitment to giving back – purposeful, relevant gestures of support and patronage, from Switzerland to the world.

Art and Culture:

La Prairie’s expression of an intrinsic link with art

The world of La Prairie has been inextricably linked to the world of art from its very beginning: from the artistic effervescence of the Clinique La Prairie in Montreux to a pivotal encounter with contemporary artist Niki de Saint Phalle.

La Prairie’s audacious spirit – its willingness to break the codes of luxury, to follow untrodden paths that surprise as much as they inspire – is the very same audacious spirit as that of the artist: explorer, pioneer, adventurer.

Just as the house seeks to create a world of timeless beauty, the world of contemporary art strives to push the boundaries of time. Art bears witness to the world in which we live and looks ahead to the world of tomorrow, creating something timeless and indelible.

In this pursuit of artistic expression, La Prairie established a partnership in 2017 with the world’s leading contemporary art fair Art Basel, which takes place annually with shows in Basel, Hong Kong and Miami Beach. For each edition, La Prairie commissions an artist to create an original art piece as a creative metaphor of the brand’s values through the prism of time.

In 2020, as part of La Prairie’s Corporate Social Responsibility commitment, the brand proudly opens a new chapter in its support of art and culture by partnering with Fondation Beyeler, one of the most prestigious art institutions in Switzerland in order to support the preservation of four iconic art pieces for generations to come.

“With this new initiative, La Prairie expands its cultural engagement exemplifying our long-term commitment to the world of art and culture while contributing to elevating our meaning,” says La Prairie Chief Marketing Officer Greg Prodromides.

“As a Swiss house, we are particularly proud to support one of Switzerland’s most prestigious cultural institutions. With Fondation Beyeler, we have common values and the purpose to share art from Switzerland to the world. Bringing La Prairie’s support to a project dedicated to preserving iconic works of art from the passing of time gives even more meaning to this collaboration.

Fondation Beyeler Managing Director Ulrike Erbslöh elaborates on the partnership, commenting: “Our partnership with La Prairie is a catalyst for innovation, triggering an exciting opportunity for a creative dialogue. Through this patronage, La Prairie and Fondation Beyeler have joined forces for the Piet Mondrian Conservation Project with the aim of highlighting the importance of art conservation.”

“Delivering the highest quality is part of the DNA of Fondation Beyeler. We always aim for perfection. And so does La Prairie.” – Fondation Beyeler Managing Director Ulrike Erbslöh

Spotlight Series • September 2020

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