Maotik on Sense of Blue

Maotik, born Mathieu Le Sourd, is a leading figure in the world of digital art and a specialist in crafting interactive environments. His science-meets-art approach resonates strongly with La Prairie’s core ethos, with Sense of Blue putting the night and the ‘elusive power of caviar’ centre stage.

Commenting on his creation, Maotik said: “Digital artists are like craftsmen of technology. It is a mastery of showing the unpredictable and understanding the impact of the accidental. As viewers progress in the installation, I aim to trigger curiosity, surprise, contemplation and invite the audience to participate. “By engaging their senses, I modify their perspective of reality and make them live a unique and heightened experience of the cobalt night.”

““Art and science are fundamental notions within my work”

Art and science are fundamental notions within my work,” Maotik added. “By using new technologies and experimenting with them, I am able to combine different media together, giving me the possibility to explore new artistic languages with limitless prospects. “Natural phenomena help me to understand and see the world through different eyes,” Maotik added. “Light has the power to change the perspective of a space.” The dialogue between science and nature has always been at the heart of La Prairie. The natural splendour of the Alps and Lac Léman of Switzerland have served as the inspiration for Dr. Paul Niehans who founded Clinique La Prairie in 1931.

Spotlight Series - September 2021

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