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Welcome to a very special edition of The Moodie Davit Spotlight Series eZine, an edition which shines the light, ironically, on an artistic collaboration that celebrates a voyage into the night.

In this edition, we tell the fascinating story behind Swiss prestige luxury house La Prairie and pioneering digital artist Maotik’s artistic partnership, the immersive art installation that was born from it and the Skin Caviar Nighttime Oil innovation that inspired it.

In the following pages, we will plunge deep into the depths of night as we explore the multi-sensorial elements of Maotik’s ‘Sense of Blue’, which made its debut at Art Basel 2021 in Basel, Switzerland.

Sense of Blue takes audiences on an immersive journey through the different stages of the night: early, late and deep – and we too hope to take you on a journey through one of the beauty world’s most compelling collaborations.

Spotlight Series - September 2021

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