Airports as Artports

Spreading cultural wealth

Uruguay’s Carrasco International Airport is promoting the country’s culture and narrative using a mobile library that features classical and emerging national writers. Jason Holland reports.

When discussing ‘artports’ in the context of this column, we are usually referring to paintings, sculptures or other works that would normally be found in an art gallery. But what about the art of great literature?

Carrasco International Airport in Montevideo, Uruguay, has launched an initiative called ‘Books to fly’, a mobile library in departures which features books by classical and emerging national writers. Works by Ida Vitale, Idea Vilariño, Juana de Ibarbourou, Inés Bortagaray, Eduardo Galeano, Susana Olaondo and Mario Benedetti are among those to feature.

The aim is to spread Uruguayan culture and the nation’s narrative, and introduce passengers to new authors, Carrasco International said.

Passengers can take away a book from the mobile library for free as they travel, perhaps to enjoy on the flight or at their destination. They might then leave the book at the airport they arrive into or the destination country itself, spreading the cultural wealth further.

Travellers are also being encouraged to leave their favourite novels at the mobile library as the airport promotes a collaborative spirit and fair exchange. This also ensures the cultural space will continually transform and evolve.

In a final collaborative touch, those who take part in the initiative can also help ensure the cultural exchange continues by using the hashtag #LibrosParaVolar on social networking sites.

Free as a bird: Works by classical and emerging national writers will go on journeys far and wide

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