23 January 2020 • Issue 275


Travel retail highlights

An ambitious aviation-themed animation and a distinctly tall story involving a Glenmorangie giraffe feature in our regular look at the industry’s best new launches, activations and openings.


Lunar New Year 2020

Airports, travel retailers, restaurateurs and brands are celebrating Lunar New Year in a variety of creative and colourful ways. We showcase some of the best.


Analysis: Coronavirus outbreak

The coronavirus outbreak is casting a dark and widening shadow over Lunar New Year celebrations and there are serious implications for the aviation, tourism and travel retail sectors. We assess the latest events and their potential impact.


The Chinese luxury market in 2020

Continuing the focus on China, The Moodie Davitt Report content partner Jing Daily predicts the main developments affecting the luxury fashion industry in the country this year.


Airports as Artports

Charlotte Douglas International Airport has earned a reputation for curating dynamic artworks. A moving sculpture that highlights the wonder of flight recently joined the line-up.


Travel Retail’s Positive Disruptors and Innovators

Chinese company Billion Connect is creating a value-enhancing link between SIM card business and travel retail.


Sense of Place

Espresso Bar at Cairns Airport in Australia offers an “outstanding localised coffee experience” while catching travellers’ attention with a mural produced by local indigenous artist India Collins.


Duty Calls

Istanbul Airport operator İGA has launched a new competition that aims to raise environmental awareness and reduce waste.


The Front Line

Colombian Emeralds International’s Cornelia Bakker enjoys meeting people of different nationalities and is a consummate professional.


Stock Watch

The coronavirus outbreak has led to uncertainty in Asia’s stock markets, with key indexes for the US economy also pulling back after the country’s first case was confirmed.

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Issue 275 | 23 January 2020

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