Dior’s dedication to skincare

By Olivier Dubos, Senior Vice President Travel Retail, Parfums Christian Dior

“Superior Savoir Faire is at the very heart of Dior. With more than 70 years of creation, Dior has and will continue to deliver the best of Beauty, Skincare and Fragrances- whether it is our romantic Miss Dior, iconic Rouge Dior, or age-defying Capture Totale Super Potent Serum.

Despite a general makeup market slowdown in terms of contribution to growth, Dior makeup continues to uphold worldwide leadership thanks to Rouge Dior lipstick: an absolute beauty icon. As an icon of Dior, Rouge Dior embodies the Couture attitude, our color artistry and encapsulates the epitome of Mr Dior’s ethos to make every woman not only more beautiful but also happier. Rouge Dior is synonymous with Dior - when a customer walks into a Dior boutique, the Rouge Dior collection and the iconic Rouge Dior 999 in particular stands as the #1 choice, the all-time favorite.

Pulling off a successful product launch is no easy task.

Among all the recent innovations introduced on the beauty market Rouge Dior holds a unique and highly coveted position. Let’s step back in time. In a few months Dior’s historical lipstick transformed into a makeup icon. In a few months Rouge Dior took the world by storm. The world went wild for Rouge Dior epitomized by the mesmerizing Natalie Portman. Shade 999 became the absolute color to dress up your smile. Less than a year later, by end 2018, Rouge Dior became legendary, accounting for nearly 30% of the selective lip color market in China.

While we continue to consolidate our leadership in makeup, as well as fragrances, we have a new ambition, one that takes root at the very core of the brand – our superior savoir faire- to create desirable and highly efficient icons with one goal. Dior Skincare represents the essence of what our customers crave for: more efficacy, visible results, credibility, suitability and natural ingredients.

“Dior skincare represents the essence of what our customers crave: more efficacy, visible results, credibility, suitability, and natural ingredients”

Olivier Dubos, Senior Vice President Travel Retail, Parfums Christian Dior

The skincare market in Asia has almost doubled in size in 5 years, driving the overall beauty market growth, with core anti-ageing being the biggest segment by far With Capture Totale Super Potent Serum, Dior is now ready to attack the core Anti-Ageing market and take its fair share.

The skincare expertise at Dior goes back to 1967. For more than 50 years, Dior has pushed the boundaries of research under the most stringent safety standards and has developed its unique expertise in floral science to serve the skin’s youth, beauty and health.

In 2020, Dior reveals its latest breakthrough innovation on Skin research: the perfect alliance between stem cells science and Dior’s floral expertise to create the best anti-ageing serum: Capture Totale Super Potent Serum, for a young, healthy and radiant skin. A winning formula of 92% natural ingredients delivering superior efficacy on smoothness, energy and healthy radiance. Already approved and loved by Asian Women (98% satisfaction rate) ** Source : Blind test in China


Spotlight Series • September 2020

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