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In January this year, The Moodie Davitt Report told the fascinating story of the development of Capture Totale C.E.L.L. Energy in a dedicated eZine called ‘Dior’s Greatest Discovery’. In this follow-up publication we report on how Capture Totale is spearheading Dior’s drive to win the battle on skincare. To help set the scene, Martin Moodie (right) recaps some of the highlights from that earlier edition.

What if 0.2% of your skin cells determined its future? That was the question posed, and answered, by Dior as it strove for a breakthrough that would ultimately top anything the French beauty house and its scientific partners had achieved in 30 years of research and innovation.

For the first time, Dior used artificial intelligence to go beyond visible signs. It was thus able to measure what, up until now, was considered immeasurable – the key to our perception of age: the face’s visible health and vitality.

The result is what Dior Scientific Communication and Environmental Director Edouard Mauvais-Jarvis called a “major discovery about stem cells”. It was a revelation “so incredible” that it drove the creation of a new range focused on the restoration of cellular energy to reactivate the skin’s vital functions and youthful beauty.

This breakthrough product is already making a profound difference to the lives of many women

We now know that range is called Capture Totale C.E.L.L. Energy [the C.E.L.L. acronym stands for Cutting-Edge Long-Lasting Energy]. So what was this discovery? Stem cells are rare, comprising just 0.2% of skin cells. But contrary to traditional wisdom, Dior found that stem cells do not decrease in number over time: they simply decrease in energy potential. This decrease goes hand in hand with the decline in all cellular functions and the overall vitality of the face.

Capture Totale was borne out of this transformative knowledge, the joint culmination of a cutting-edge scientific discovery for stem cells married to Dior Science’s expertise in floral science. Together, those factors allowed the Dior scientific team to decode the exceptional regeneration power of four flowers – Madagascan Longoza, Chinese Peony, White Lily and Chinese Jasmine.

Capture Totale is based on patented technology that revives vital energy deep beneath the skin. It builds on the formulation know-how that is integral to the Dior brand. Mauvais-Jarvis (the subject of a fascinating interview in this eZine, see page 6) explains that for Dior, the skin’s health is the focus of a long-running scientific research programme underpinned by a holistic vision of beauty.

“Healthy beauty, healthy state of mind” runs the company mantra. Capture Totale, Mauvais-Jarvis points out, is not some overnight sensation but rather the culmination of three decades of research into cells, and 20 years’ work on stem cells in particular.

In this follow-up publication, we learn more about how that breakthrough product has found its way onto the world stage and is already making a profound difference to the lives of many women.


Spotlight Series • September 2020

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