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“Designed by Aston Martin brings to life why and how we fit so well together as partners. Marrying rare and exquisite car design with an exclusive travel retail range of single malts, unites the skills and passion of the two teams to truly showcase the beauty of our story and products.”

– Aston Martin Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman

The words of Marek Reichman affirm the bond between one of the world’s great Scotch whisky houses and a luxury car brand long associated with purity of design and impeccable production values. The two company’s products themselves may be very different but both enterprises are united in their quest for timeless beauty and to tell a story of the past, savoured in the present. To celebrate this synergy, Designed by Aston Martin brings three of the marque’s most renowned models together with the Bowmore single malts that are deemed to most share their character. Designed by Aston Martin is a limited-edition collection of three whiskies, exclusive to travel retail. Each of the trio takes its design inspiration from some of the rarest and most influential cars in Aston Martin’s 108-year history. New Designed by Aston Martin editions, featuring designs inspired by different cars from Aston Martin’s heritage, will be released annually, in turn creating a sense of anticipation among lovers of both brands.

Bowmore Global Travel Retail Brand Director Manuel González says: “Our partnership with Aston Martin is a further example of how we are investing in the premiumisation of our GTR portfolio through a combination of exciting innovations and special limited editions. “The Designed by Aston Martin collection continues to highlight the ambition that we have for the Bowmore brand and provides our clients with new concepts with strong consumer appeal, alongside vital growth opportunities.” Aston Martin Lagonda Head of Partnership Cathal Loughnane adds: “It has been fascinating to study the unique characteristics of each of these whiskies and align them with some incredible cars from our past. Every Aston Martin has its own character and that is something we pay a great deal of attention to in the design process. This has been a new challenge for us and it is one we have enjoyed immensely.” The inaugural Designed by Aston Martin collection – Bowmore 10, 15 and 18 Years Old single malts – marries Bowmore Distillery’s exceptional whisky-making credentials and the world-class design talent at the luxury car marque. The Global Travel Retail exclusive went on sale this month. Bowmore 10 Years Old is priced at RRP US$63; the Bowmore 15 Years Old is RRP US$87 and the Bowmore 18 Years Old at RRP US$130. The limited-edition bottle and packaging design will be available in duty free worldwide, with activations in key locations including London Heathrow, Frankfurt, Hainan, Istanbul and Taipei. This creative marriage goes far beyond the intriguing concept of pairing each single malt whisky with a classic Aston Martin car. Each of the three whiskies’ labels and presentation boxes have been created by the design experts at Aston Martin, the results capturing the essence of both brands, elegantly bringing to life their synergies and common passions. So let’s examine each whisky – and pairing – in detail.

Bowmore 10 Years Old

Paired with the Aston Martin 1932 LM10

Both distinctively bold and confident in character, The Bowmore 10 Years Old and the Aston Martin LM10 form a natural partnership. While the whisky pushes the boundaries by fusing spice from Spanish Sherry oak casks with signature peat-smoke notes – an intense marriage of fire and earth – the groundbreaking LM10 encapsulates technical prowess, using the most cutting-edge technology of the time to minimise weight and maximise speed. Powered by a 1.5-litre 4-cylinder engine, this race car challenged the status quo and went on to shape Aston Martin’s racing history.

Tasting notes

Rich and amber in colour, this dark and intense single malt marries sun-dried fruit, baked Seville orange and toasted maple on the nose. Once sipped, it reveals notes of sultanas, dark fruit oils and a hint of sea salt, leading to peat-smoked walnut and spices.

Bowmore 15 Years Old

Paired with the Aston Martin 1939 Atom

The Bowmore 15 Years Old features the equally elegant and refined Aston Martin Atom. Paying homage to their respective craftsmen’s creative flair and passion, they are each defining works of art designed to capture a moment in time. The whisky, crafted from first-full bourbon casks and hogsheads, is a distinguished single malt filled with uplifting character and a delicate sweetness reminiscent of fine Italian desserts. The Atom is its perfect match: disruptive in its design, yet strong and beautifully sculpted, this head-turning Aston Martin prototype is the epitome of beauty and period styling.

Tasting notes

The hue of golden barley, Bowmore 15 Years Old balances golden Sicilian desserts with honey, Amalfi lemon and sweet tobacco leaf on the nose. Silky citrus, salty-sweet vanilla and honeycomb then come together on the palate, before a lingering finish of peat smoke, sweet almond and lemon.

Bowmore 18 Years Old

Paired with the Aston Martin 1957 DB Mark III

United by their exceptional attention to detail, both the Aston Martin DB Mark III and Bowmore 18 Years Old embrace intricacy in their commitment to the very best performance. This indulgent and deeply complex single malt achieves a dignified maturity for its time well spent in the finest Oloroso and PX Sherry casks. Powerful and commanding from the start, it is driven towards a long and rewarding finish – much like the inimitable DB Mark III. Showcasing technical prowess that made it faster than its predecessors, it was also this Aston Martin that first introduced the marque’s hallmark look, setting the tone for future DB models.

Tasting notes

The colour of the deepest sunset, this masterfully executed single malt has an aroma of rich dark chocolate, treacle toffee and date oil. Bitter-sweet orange peel emerges on the palate, balanced by peat-smoke roasted coffee. The finish is long-lasting, with notes of velvet mocha and macadamia nut chocolate.

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