The Tweet taste of success

It wasn’t quite a virtual tasting – for the whiskies on offer were very real – but a compelling innovation from Bowmore embraced the reach and immediacy of social media in an educational sampling with a difference. The Moodie Davitt Report Social Media Editor Hannah-Tan Gillies joined the twitter ensemble.

Consumers all over the world have been enjoying a spirited treat in the form of various Bowmore expressions down the years. But at an innovative tasting in late February, it was tweets that were being served up as well as whisky treats.

To celebrate the launch of Timeless Series, Bowmore teamed up with The Whisky Wire Founder Steve Rush to host a Bowmore ‘Tweet Tasting’ event in celebration of the Bowmore Timeless Series.

Rush was joined by co-host, Bowmore Distillery Manager David Turner, at the virtual event which showcased five drams from Bowmore, including two from the Timeless Series.

-On offer were the 12 Year Old, 15 Year-Old, 18 Year-Old, as well as the new 27 Year-Old and 31 Year-Old Bowmore Timeless Series expressions profiled in this eZine.

Rush and Turner took participants on a ‘journey through time’ by asking them to tweet their own interpretations of each expression.

The event also saw the debut of French filmmaker Thomas Vanz’s new ‘Timeless’ film (see page 8) which pays homage to the aging, craftsmanship and heritage that went into the Timeless Series.

The embracing of a very contemporary social media platform to convey the very traditional virtues of great Islay whisky was a bold innovation but one that paid off handsomely as a serious Twitter storm began.

Spotlight Series - April 2021

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