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Welcome to Duty Calls. This regular feature aims to shine a light on some of the most laudable examples of altruism and sustainability within the travel retail industry by companies that go beyond the call of duty. In this issue, we detail a new competition launched by Istanbul Airport operator İGA that aims to raise environmental awareness and reduce waste.

Going green: Istanbul Airport has implemented a variety of environmental and sustainability initiatives

Istanbul Airport operator İGA has launched a photography and short film competition to raise awareness of waste management and recycling. The highest-rated works will then be displayed at the airport.

The ‘Are You Aware?’ competition hopes to draw attention to the fact that the planet’s seemingly limitless resources are running out at an alarming rate, and that rubbish thrown away does not decompose. But İGA is optimistic that “we can turn the tables”.

“At Istanbul Airport, which is a global aviation hub with an understanding of sustainability, we respect the world we live in and carry out our projects in line with the Zero Waste principles,” said İGA Advisor to the CEO Ülkü Özeren.

“In our effort to produce zero waste, we and our stakeholders have signed the Zero Waste Declaration initiated by Istanbul Airport. To reach our goal, we endeavoured to design all waste management infrastructure in a way that collects and recycles wastes. We wish to leave a clean and liveable world for future generations.”

Özeren said İGA was active in implementing environmental and sustainability initiatives at Istanbul Airport, and emphasised the need to reduce waste at its source. She said the competition would raise public awareness of environmental issues and show that new methods needed to be found to reduce waste and use resources efficiently.

The ‘Are You Aware?’ competition seeks to encourage behavioural change around the use of products and the waste caused

İGA has partnered with the Mind Your Waste Foundation for the ‘Are You Aware?’ competition. The organisation implements campaigns aimed at pro-environmental behavioural change in society, develops educational programmes and incentives, improves environmental policies and works to raise awareness across Turkey.

New methods must to be found to reduce waste and use resources efficiently, according to İGA Advisor to the CEO Ülkü Özeren

The competition is grouped into photography and short film categories. Amateurs and professionals alike can enter this competition, which is also supported by Büyük Efes Art [which organises art exhibitions and events in Turkey], until 29 February 2020. Applications must be submitted online at www.farkindamisinyarismasi.org and the artists behind the top three works in both categories will receive a monetary award, with the top 20 in each category being showcased at Istanbul Airport.

The results will be announced in March. The jury comprises Deputy Minister of Environment and Urbanism Prof. Dr. Mehmet Emin Birpınar; Professor of Psychology Prof. Dr. Zuhal Balta; Photographer Gültekin Çizgen; CNN Türk Producer Güven İslamoğlu; İGA Advisor to the CEO Ülkü Özeren; İGA Corporate Communications Director Gökhan Şengül; and Mind Your Waste Foundation Trustee Yasemin Vargı.

Mind Your Waste Foundation General Manager Emrah Bilge commented: “Garbage is actually everything we use until we decide that it is garbage. When we decide that an object is useless or that we don’t want to use it anymore, we bin it. We just throw it away so that we don’t see it.

“But do we ever think about what happens to garbage, or think about its effects on our health and nature? ‘Are You Aware?’ aims to make people consider the answers and demonstrates what we can do as individuals.”

Once all construction is complete, the airport will host flights to more than 300 destinations and have an annual capacity of 200 million passengers

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